Blockchain Auditing


Your blockchain is only as good as your quality plan. We will ensure you have proper testing approaches to ensure quality and security.

Project Management

Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. We will validate your project plan to ensure you meet your milestones and software delivery deadlines.

Continuous Integration

Staying ahead of your competition with code updates and feature releases is critical to success. We will examine your CI tools and processes to keep you ahead of the game.


Blockchain code is complicated and depends on code from many different libraries. One small change can render your blockchain unsecured or unusable. We will vet all your software dependencies to keep you out of hot water.


Great documentation allows you to be transparent to your investment community. We will make sure your investors have all the information they need to be confident in your technology.

Code Organization

How you manage and organize your code is almost as important as the code you write. We will evaluate your coding tools and processes to ensure your builds are executed right every time.


The single most critical part of your blockchain technology is the code you produce but does it do exactly what it is supposed to do? We will help you find out by examining every single line of code you have written to ensure it meets your speed and quality standards.

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